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HDPE Pipe joining methods

HDPE pipes can be used in various projects ranging from the transport of drinking water, mining works, cable conduction, among other types of fluids.

Regarding the way in which two pipes are joined or connected, it is necessary to consider these two scenarios:

It is a detachable or fixed conduction system.

What do we mean by this?

Fixed piping system.

The first step is to analyze what requirements are necessary for the conduction system, an effective method is the Thermofusion, next we explain you what it consists of:

The faces of the pipe are subjected to heat until reaching its melting point, exerting a controlled pressure, for a certain time achieving the union.

To join the connections and pipes with this system we must verify that they are of the same diameter and wall thickness. This method is very efficient and widely used because of its great reliability and effectiveness, it does not require attachments other than the pipe itself, it does not produce leaks and has more resistant joints than the pipe itself.

It is possible to build very safe pipelines as they have a "monolithic" structure, i.e., a single body. The weld is stronger than the rest of the pipe, which guarantees a leak-free system.

Dismountable conveyor system

An HDPE pipe system can be joined by mechanical compression fittings or flanged joints.

Below we share with you the mechanical fittings:

Compression fittings:

They are an ideal complement for pipe installation, since they are specifically designed for this type of pipes, these fittings can be mechanically joined to the ends of two pipes of equal or different diameters.

Some advantages of using these fittings:

- They are easy to install and transport.

- Leak-free system.

- It is not necessary to use Teflon or any kind of glue.

- They are resistant to many chemical solutions and substances (same as HDPE).

These accessories are dismountable, reusable and have a great cost-benefit ratio.

Remember that for each type of work there is a specialized expert, rely on the specialists in HDPE, in INNOVATIONS we offer solutions to join the HDPE. More than 15 years of experience behind us.

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