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Electrofusion of piping via Bluetooth, industry 4.0

One of the most effective methods for HDPE joining, from our experience, is the Electrofusion, and the main benefit we have in this method is that the fusion area is larger than in a thermofusion and mechanical joint. The Electrofusion is used in Natural Gas distribution lines and residential connections, this is thanks to the fact that the method is very safe, it is important to mention that for this we must take into account that when performing an Electrofusion we have the following aspects:

1. The pipe must be manufactured according to the applicable standards in Mexico NMX-E-018-CNCP-2012 for potable water use and NMX-E-043-SCFI-2002 for gas use, the standard establishes the use of virgin raw material (PE 4710 resin commonly), the tolerances of external diameters and wall thicknesses, and the main mechanical properties that each manufactured pipe must have.

2. Electrofusion fittings must comply with the reference standard ASTM F1055 for Electrofusion fittings, and ASTM d2513 for gas fittings. These standards are intended to comply with the controlled internal diameters and raw material and to ensure the quality of the joints.

3. Electrofusion equipment: mainly the equipment must be calibrated, according to what each manufacturer establishes, this to guarantee at the moment of applying the voltage in the accessories it is the suitable one.

4. Necessary tools: as in all work, to facilitate us and in this method, to guarantee the union of each accessory is indispensable, to count on an aligner according to the diameter and type of accessory to avoid some bad movement or to align perfectly the pipe, the scraper gives us the security to obtain the virgin material, eliminating the pollutants in the pipe, rounder guarantees that the accessory will not be forced in the pipe. When installing with these tools as basic and essential in the installation process we can ensure the welds made.

5. Technician certification: in Mexico the Mexican Association of Natural Gas (AMGN) certifies technicians installers mainly for welding in PE gas use, each welder must have the necessary knowledge, theoretical and practical as well as the necessary experience to certify the certification.

This method of joining will be effective and guarantees the joints with the above mentioned. Currently this method is useful for repairs and/or modifications, however, if we use this method from the beginning of the project we can prevent bad joints.

Now, as technology advances day by day PLASSON, does not lag behind and develops an application SMARTFUSE, (smart welding) which is to make a record of each installation through the cell phone, obtaining the welding data by connecting the PLASSON Electrofusion equipment via Bluetooth, obtaining digital records at the end of each welding, all information will be stored in the cloud, having access to this information when the user requires it.

If you require more information or training on this joining method, contact the experts.

Get to know all the solutions we have in Electrofusion.

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