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Sale of PLASSON machines, parts and tools.

What is it ?

Electrofusion is a polyethylene union technique in which Special Connections are used, internally provided with an electrical resistance that is connected by external terminals to a direct current source. The generated heat causes the internal surface of "the connection" and the external one of the pipe to melt, producing the union.

Keep your facilities under control with the best technology!

Intelligent welding for polyethylene pipes by means of Electrofusion is already possible thanks to the constant innovation of PLASSON.
The SMARTFUSE APP is a digital tool that helps you track each installation of Electrofusion accessories by recording the data through the APP and a PLASSON Electrofusion equipment, thanks to its connectivity via Bluetooth (BT).


Advantages of using APP SMARTFUSE:

• Users and accesses for each installer technician
• Reports of each union in digital.
• Photographic evidence of the installation processes, as well as the use of suitable tools.
• Information stored in the cloud available
• You can place information number of the project that is being executed,
• The installation traceability of each fused accessory is obtained through the SMARTFUSE APP.
• A Geolocation (coordinates) is generated by GPS of the phone with which the information is recorded.

Because we know that it is important to take care of your investment, we offer preventive and corrective maintenance of your Electro fusion equipment.



Thermofusion equipment and services.

What is it ?

Thermofusion is a process in which the pipes and connections are subjected to the variables of temperature, pressure and time; achieving that the materials go into fusion and when they cool down, a unique body is achieved, which maintains the characteristics and properties of the original material.


The Thermofusion system is one of the most used methods for joining high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings.

Widos is a world-class German company!

The new generation of CNC controlled welding.

Total process reliability
Intelligent control technology regulates and monitors the entire welding process.

Excellent compatibility
The CNC hydraulic control is compatible with many WIDOS machines and covers pipe diameters from OD 50 to OD 630 and above.

Smart technology
Smart control technology has been developed with your needs in mind.

Extremely easy to use
The large color touchscreen and clear menu navigation ensure exceptional ease of use.


Reducing the dangers of protective measures, avoiding sources of errors and critical situations, increasing the power of innovation and ensuring maximum investment security: This is what WIDOS stands for.

The focus on the high qualities in tube fusion welding technology and the knowledge of the importance of optimal engineering equipment ensures cost-effectiveness in terms of quality and reliability.

Because we know that it is important to take care of your investment, we offer preventive and corrective maintenance of your Thermofusion equipment.



Preventive and corrective to Thermofusion and Electrofusion equipment.


Through the years we have obtained the trust of very important clients in many different markets.

Because we know that it is important to take care of your investment, we offer preventive and corrective maintenance of your Electrofusion and Thermofusion equipment.

Guarantee: With traceability in each piece, we can guarantee the correct manufacturing process of each and every one of the pieces.



Electrofusion and Thermofusion.

We want to professionalize the industry!

We have technicians trained by companies such as WIDOS (Germany) and PLASSON (Israel) to disseminate best practices in high-density polyethylene pipe joints.

We train technicians throughout Mexico on issues of:

  • Electrofusion

  • Thermofusion

  • Polyethylene Conduction

We handle international standards. Contact us and ask for the solutions we have for you!



High Density Polyethylene HDPE connections

Innovations HDPE connections are manufactured under international standards with equipment, technology and training from the German company WIDOS, a world leader in Thermofusion.

  • We manufacture connections from 1 "to 30" IPS and in any commercial RD, from RD7 to RD32.5.

  • The tubing used to manufacture our parts meets the specifications of the ASTM F714 / ASTM D3035 standard.

  • The dimensions of our fabricated connections are compatible with the IPS system.

  • For the manufacture of special pieces, RD's and non-standard angles, please contact Innovations.



  • Laser Alignment: Our cutting equipment has laser alignment to perform high precision angle cuts.

  • Trained Personnel: Our production technicians are trained by WIDOS Germany.

  • State-of-the-art technology: Our machinery has state-of-the-art German technology that meets the highest quality standards.

  • Computerized electronic control: WIDOS equipment has electrical control and computerized registration, which guarantees standard quality and traceability in all manufactured connections.

  • Semi-automatic table cutting and thermofusion workshop made by WIDOS with SPA technology: Our equipment for the production of High Density Polyethylene HDPE connections has technology that allows us to manufacture parts that meet high international quality standards. This technology assures our customers reliable products.

  • Traceability: The production conditions of each part are documented by the control system generated in a PDF file per manufactured part.

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