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Soluciones industriales
Curva Innovations Pipeline Solutions



  • Flexibility

  • Resistance

  • High Durability.

  • No corrosion.

  • Joint security (Zero Leaks).

  • Possibility of easy repair ideal for unstable floors.

The solid wall HDPE pipe with smooth interior is light in weight and flexible, adapting to uneven terrain and supporting dynamic loads, which leads to its ease of installation and good cost.

Supply of pipes and services:


· Distribution of drinking water in industrial buildings.

· Cooling water systems.

Natural gas distribution in industrial plants

· Landfills

· Treatment plants

· Process water.

· Fire fighting systems.


We have an advanced inventory system that allows us to respond safely and on time to obtain your products anywhere in Mexico where you need them.


We are the integral solution for urbanization, construction and development companies that need a secure supply of high quality HDPE pipes at a good cost.


Start not wasting work and machinery time with us!

We are a proudly Mexican company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of HDPE Polyethylene Pipe for the conduction of drinking water, domestic intake, industrial and chemical waste, in mining, natural gas, bio-gas, pipeline rehabilitation, seabed sewage and fire-fighting systems.


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Av. Pirineos #515 int. 10, Benito Juárez, 76089  Querétaro, México

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