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Sistemas contra incendios
Curva Innovations



  • Flexibility

  • Resistance

  • High Durability.

  • No corrosion.

  • Joint security (Zero Leaks).

  • Possibility of easy repair ideal for unstable floors.

Solid-walled, smooth-inside HDPE pipe can be joined by butt fusion and electrofusion, methods that provide a more resistant monolithic joint than the 100% hermetic pipe itself.

We have piping solutions for fire fighting systems.


· Distribution of pipes and accessories for fire systems with FM 1613 approval.

· Technical advice on projects according to specifications.

· Parts injected up to 8 "and segmented up to 24".

· Electrofusion fittings with FM approval.

· HDPE pipe with approval of 4 - 24 ”class FM 200, FM 250, FM 335.

· Manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment.

Features superior mechanical properties such as toughness, resistance to tension, impact, crushing and abrasion

· It is of high chemical resistance, non-toxic and long useful life.


Start not wasting work and machinery time with us!

We are a proudly Mexican company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of HDPE Polyethylene Pipe for the conduction of drinking water, domestic intake, industrial and chemical waste, in mining, natural gas, bio-gas, pipeline rehabilitation, seabed sewage and fire-fighting systems.


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