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Instalación Tubería Gas Natural
Instalación de tuberías para Gas Natural



  • Flexibility

  • Resistance

  • High Durability.

  • No corrosion.

  • Union Security (zero leaks).

  • Ideal for unstable soils and underground gas installations.

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We collaborate with the AMGN to disseminate best practices in the installation of polyethylene pipes for natural gas.

Polyethylene is used in the distribution of the gas market, thanks to its properties of flexibility, resistance to rupture and corrosion, it has become an excellent option for your project in gas distribution.


In addition to the quality of the pipes we provide, Innovations offers advice and technical support to carry out your gas projects with great success. Always counting on the technical support of expert personnel.


The pipe meets the manufacturing and raw material requirements of the ASTM D2513 "Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing and Fittings" and the Mexican standard NMX-E-043.


With the help of properly calibrated processors and electrofusion accessories, you guarantee 100% of the joints. Plasson fittings meet gas approvals in accordance with ASTM F 1055 and ASTM D2513 standards.


Producto Polymatic Plus Plasson


The Polymatic Plus is a very powerful Electrofusion control unit for welding HDPE pipe with Electrofusion fittings. The robust construction of the device in its characteristic plastic housing makes it a star on all construction sites and not only convinces here with its external values.

Producto de Widos CNC



A CNC constantly compares the target and current values automatically, so you have the absolute guarantee for flawless welds. Each weld joint is documented and recorded.

Producto de Polycode Plasson



The newest member of our family of Electrofusion control units has been adapted to the needs of installers. By integrating the device into the carrying case, it is highly mobile, always securely packaged and easy to transport.


Start not wasting work and machinery time with us!

We are a proudly Mexican company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of HDPE Polyethylene Pipe for the conduction of drinking water, domestic intake, industrial and chemical waste, in mining, natural gas, bio-gas, pipeline rehabilitation, seabed sewage and fire-fighting systems.


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