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Reasons why HDPE is the perfect material for your project

HDPE pipe is changing the way pipes are used in the construction world, no matter the industry.

Today we will explain some of the most important characteristics you should take into account about this amazing material.

- In 1935, the first solid form of polyethylene was created.

- The first commercial application was during World War II and was used to insulate radar cables.

- In 1953 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) was invented, two years later in 1955 it was produced as a pipe thanks to Karl Ziegler, who received the 1963 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Thanks to this discovery, we obtained a material that is easy to handle, transport and assemble. Its high degree of flexibility allows variations, low electrical conductivity, which makes it insensitive to subway currents.

Among the chemical properties of HDPE pipes we find inertia and stability, they are odorless and do not contain salts or heavy metals, so they are not toxic.

Something very important of the HDPE pipe is that it can be used in different industries and multiple applications, such as:

- Potable water conduction

- Irrigation systems

- Industrial waste conduction

- Drainage

- Sewage conduction

- Mining

- Natural gas pipelines

It can also be used in

- Fire-fighting networks

- Electrical and communication conductors (electrical wiring and fiber optics).

It is such a versatile material that it can withstand internal pressure and external loads. Its resistance to cracking due to environmental stresses; flexibility, lightness and impact resistance. It is also resistant to water pressure and its flexibility at temperatures below freezing.

We cannot forget that it has a long life time and a resistance to corrosion.

One last recommendation is that in addition to all the benefits mentioned above, it has a low cost of installation, maintenance and operation.

For each type of work there is a specialized expert, rely on HDPE specialists, in INNOVATIONS we offer solutions to join HDPE. 15 Years of experience behind us.

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