Polyethylene is used in the gas market distribution, thanks to it's flexibility properties, resistance to rupture and corrosion, it has become an excellent option for your gas distribution project.


In addition to the quality of the pipe we provide, Innovations offers advice and technical support to successfully carry out your gas projects. Always with the technical support of expert personnel.


The pipe meets the manufacturing and raw material requirements of ASTM D2513 "Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing and Fittings" and Mexican standard NMX-E-043.


With the help of correctly calibrated processors and electrofusion accessories, you guarantee 100% of the joints.


Plasson accessories comply with gas approvals according to ASTM F 1055 and ASTM D2513 standards.




High durability.


Joint security (0 Leakage).

Ideal for unstable soils and underground gas installations.

AMGN Collaborations to disseminate best practices in HDPE pipelines to gas industry.

  • Electrofusion Service.

  • Equipment Rent and Sale.

  • Setting up by SMARTFUSE mobile App.

  • High Training Workforce.

PLASSON in Mexico

We're mexican company with exclusive PLASSON representation in Mexico.

Electrofusion Experts

Excess flow


Excess flow Valve (EFV), also called Sliding Gate (GS), it's a special safety-valve design to use in the connection line of domestic natural gas or other systems.  Usually installed at the outlet of the saddle of the branch point or on the connection line of the house, but it can also be installed in other locations and applications. 

Best Technology.



The WIDOS equipment we work has a CNC system, which guarantees:


Guarantee 100% of welds in accordance with international standards.


A CNC constantly compares current and target values ​​automatically, so you have the absolute guarantee for flawless welding. Each welding joint is documented and recorded.


The CNC system operates and controls the entire welding process.

Best Tools


Squezze off tools 

Squeeze off tools especially design for HDPE pipelines. 

FOOTAGE are presses specially design for HDPE pipelines, with ranges up to 12 ”and RD9 thicknesses. 


Compact, great design, durable and strong; for rough field work. The ideal size for jobs with small spaces.


We're a company dedicated to manufacture High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) connections, specialized in Thermofusion and Electrofusion, with more than 10 years of experience in the market.

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